Website Design Tips

1. Make your website yours!

Think of your business and all of the things you did to get your store front or home based business ready...Well all those efforts should extent to your website. Have a logo or picture that brands your business? Make sure it's represented on your site.


2.  Be specific and interesting.

Detail all of your products and services on your site. List all of the things that make your business stand out and unique. Have a sense of humor? Let it show on your website. You only have 7 seconds to capture someone's attention on your site, so make sure it's something that you would react to.


3.  Keep it clean.

White space for a backgrounds where text appears is common. For good reason. It appears clean, not cluttered and we are emotionally trained to read on white paper. So keep it short and keep it on clean space.


4.  Fall in love, but be logical.

Often my clients want to have a website that 'moves' them...which is fine. You should have a website that you are proud of, but remember, your website is for possible consumers. So fall in love with the design of your site, but be logical about the purpose of function!


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